A better way to screen tenantsĀ®

Why use LeaseDefend Reports?

LeaseDefend Financial Summary Reports allow you to see an applicants income & payment history instantly with no chance of manipulation or fraud. This information allows you to choose the best tenants increasing your profits!

Choose better
quality tenants

Only LeaseDefend reports give you insight into how and when a tenant will pay rent.

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Protect your rental business
from liability

A LeaseDefend report provides a summary of banking activity without revealing sensitive information.

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Make more money; with
less management time

Problem tenants take up to 80% of your management time. Use LeaseDefend to pick better tenants & use that time to build your business.

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4 steps to better decisions

Order a report & choose who pays, you (as part of your application fee) or the applicant. This allows you to seamlessly integrate a report into your application process.

  • Setup your company account
  • Request reports from your applicants
  • Choose who will pay (you or applicant)
  • You receive the report and make a decision

Better insight means better decisions

A LeaseDefend Financial Summary Report can show income as well as expenses confirmed thru bank transactions.

  • See itemized bank deposit income & dates
  • See information critical to showing an applicants payment habits
  • Works great with no credit, bad credit applicants
  • Great option to screen self-employed applicants or subsidized (Section 8) applicants

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