A better way to screen tenantsĀ®

Why use a LeaseDefend Financial Summary Report?

LeaseDefend Financial Summary reports allow you to show property managers your income and how you pay bills directly thru your bank account in real time.

Qualify regardless
of credit

Our report allows you to show that you pay bills and receive income thru your bank account.

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Get access to better
quality housing

By verifying your income & bill payments
you can qualify for housing
that might have turned you down
based solely on credit

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Protect Yourself
from identity theft

Keep sensitive bank, credit, and payroll information safe. You control who can see your report and what they see.

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How to apply for a place with your LeaseDefend report

Follow these easy steps to get approved for your next place!

  • Order your report & find a place for rent
  • Tell the rental company you have a LeaseDefend Financial Summary report & send them the report
  • The rental company will see you are responsible and you can get approved.
  • As you apply for places, send your report to all of the rental companies

Benefits of A LeaseDefend Financial Summary Report

A LeaseDefend Financial Summary report can be that extra step that gets you approved for your next place.

  • Shows your income, even if you are self-employed
  • Show payment history on bills that don't report to credit
  • Great way to qualify for a rental if you have been turned down for credit
  • Helps rental companies see you for who you really are!

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