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The story of LeaseDefend...

LeaseDefend came about back in 2008 when a group of finance professionals decided to invest in rental property. After dealing with several poor tenant choices, a need arouse to get better information to make choosing a tenant easier. At the suggestion of a statistics professor, the investors ran some potential tenant bank data through a statistical algorithmn. The reults were astounding!

The reports that were generated allowed the investors to clearly see the financial habits of potential tenants. This allowed the investors to choose great tenants and virtually elimate poor paying tenants & greatly reduce slow paying tenants.

LeaseDefend operates on the belief that:
-Riskier tenants take up the majority of management time.
-By reducing or eliminating riskier tenants you will make more money with less work.

The only way to get better quality tenants is to use a better way to screen tenants. By looking at LeaseDefend reports you will quickly find tenants with a strong payment history.

LeaseDefend reports allow you to see months and even years of bank history summarized into an easy to read report instantly. This information will allow you to choose the best applicants. Regardless of credit, or past mistakes. This will allow you to find more qualified applicants that do what you care about most. Make rental payments and respect your property. Welcome to LeaseDefend, we are here to help improve your leasing/rental business.

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